Photography for the Web

Photography for the Web

With the increase of client personalization, eventually you will be required to take custom photos of their business to provide a unique connection between the customer and the client. Often times the client will be very specific in what photos are required due to either certain restrictions or subjective wants. In some cases, the client will have no idea what or even which photographs will enhance their business, and will be reliant on you to make that decision. The good news is that we live in the generation of digital imaging. The bad news is that you will still need to have some background in photography to create images that are worthy for your clients website.

When I initially meet with a client, like all good consultants, I probe them to see what they are actually trying to accomplish.  Most of the time, the client is not thinking about photographs or videos which will greatly enhance their site. They focus on canned imagery from such places as iStockphoto or Shutterpoint, etc…. Although these are great to use in a pinch, I find that site users are looking for images which will connect them to the business and provide a more personal connection to it.  This will provide a neural trust between the site user and the site, providing more synergy between the user and the business. This in itself can’t guarantee this bond, but certainly is a strong component in forming the bond which is necessary to create a site which is actually of some benefit.

During a client photo shoot, I normally take a SLR due to the multitude of different lenses and the resolution.  The grab bag usually consists of my camera body (in my case a Nikon D-90), 18-105mm general lens, 55-300mm telephoto, 60mm micro/macro, and a 85mm for action shots. I also carry a grey card for white balance indoors, an assortment of filters, timer, tripod, extra batteries, and extra memory cards. Although I have many more specialized equipment and lenses, this is the minimum I have found to be useful for a normal day-to-day operations. It allows me to take a wide range of photographs, while providing me with the diversity necessary from macro to telephoto with the greatest success.

The ability to provide good photographs to your client will be greatly appreciated, and set you apart from a majority of the web designers. It also gives you the added benefit of building up your photography stock from various business niches if you support a wide spectrum of business like I do.

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