Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse photography

A time lapse is a video compiled of hundreds, even thousands of individual images, taken of the same subject at intervals, then compilied together to show the progression of time. 

Essentially, a time lapse video speeds time up, showing a scene that unfolded over a lengthy period of time in often just a few seconds. When done well, the results are often stunning and add a whole new dimension to the field of still photography—motion.

Time lapse photography essentials

You can honestly take a time lapse video of any subject matter. People have created time lapses of everything from the sun rising to rare flowers blooming

But what the best, most dynamic time lapses have in common are substantial change and movement—either with light patters and drifting clouds, or in the case of my video, a couple of kids fishing of the bank of Nissen Reservoir. The combination of stationary objects with sweeping, progressive change creates unforgettable time lapses.



Shot1 frame every 10 seconds / 350 pictures from Nikon D90 50mm embedded into after effects. Video frame rate is 29.97 fps