Feeds and Footable

Feeds and Footable

Feeding data from a .CSV file into a Drupal Content Type and then formatting the information using a view and the footable responsive table module.

Prepare the Excel file that you will convert to CSV - open up Excel and in the first row add the headers. Feeds importer requires a global ID to uniquely identify nodes. So the first column should contain this unique identifier. In my case the file I created and used for importing was us-500rec.csv. This contained a series of 500 customer records with the first column being a unique identifier.

Setup the Feeds Importer, and then imported records into the content type I created to hold the information.

I then created a view, using the footable table structure. Extra information related to the record can be obtained simply by clicking on the '+' which will expand the record showing underlying data.

Works fine for a one-to-one mapping, but need to try on content types which have relations defined to see if mapping and import holds up. As Drupal 8 has been rewritten to make sure that everything is of the same type, it may work much better given the fact that Drupal 7 was not a homongenous.

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