Popup and Popup View Module

Popup and Popup View Module

Popup Module and Popup View Module

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The popup suite allows builders to popup tooltip-like text, nodes, blocks, menus, forms, views and php-generated content.

It includes the following modules:

  • Popup that provides the basic popup framework as well as a few basic popup styles.
  • Popup block that provides block configuration options to allow any block to be displayed as a popup.
  • Popup descriptions that replaces form item descriptions with popups.
  • Popup filter that privides an input filter that replaces popup tags with popups in filterable content. (The popup suite grew from the Popup filter module).
  • Popup menu that provides blocks of popup menus for each defined menu within the system.
  • Popup nodereference that displays node references as popups.
  • Popup UI that provides a means of managing popup display formats, as well as cck and views integration of node-reference fields

The Popup views module implements the integration of the Popup module with Views.

It provides a Views global field that can reuse the other Views fields. It will be output a link that will trigger a popup.

A similar system exists for Lightbox or Colorbox modules and this module has been inspired by lightbox integration. Popup is different from these two modules because it aims at creating internal tooltype-style popups and not a global hover.

These are the option parameters of the Popup module.

- Display on hover or on click (and add or not a close button for onclick event).
- If on hover, define the path when clicking on the link.
- Defining the effetct (none, slide, fade, slide and fade).
- Define the style of the popup
- Height / width
- Position (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right).