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What are your goals? What are your desired results for success? The answer to these questions, and a few more, help set the set the stage for what type of website best suits your business.

We will also discuss our methodology and explore ideas which would be applicable in the design and development of your website. We discuss incorporating any existing text, photo, video, logos, functionality, and any other materials that you wish to utilize on your website. With this, we create a storyboard template, a time line for completion with a set of milestones, cost estimates and any other details which relate to your website and business. After the initial discovery phase, we begin by creating a web page template that will allow you to visualize your website design and navigation flow. During the design process, we work closely with you to make sure that the design, flow, functionality, and presentation is what your require. This will allow you, the client, to be involved in the entire process of the design of the website so we can make sure we satisfy your needs. Once the design template has been approved by you, we will take the design template created above and begin developing the website. During this process, the website will be placed on a test server which will be accessible to you so that progress can be viewed while it's under development. The completed website will then be placed through a vigorous rounds of testing and validation with the various browser applications available on the market. Database functionality, online forms, shopping carts, third party vendor software, etc... will be tested to make sure that everything is accurate and preforms properly. We are now ready for prime time, and your website will be integrate and launched on a web hosting company of your choice (or one that we will recommend).


One of my favorite product demo reels regarding Cinema 4D. Take a look, if you would like to jump start creative process for the Day!