Call to Action for Drupal 7

Call to Action for Drupal 7

Good call to action pages (including landing pages and sales pages) are an important part of any website that either sells or asks visitors to sign up for something.


An effective call to action page can increase conversions and signups by a hundred percent or more (sometimes much more). As designers, we should know exactly what makes an effective call to action page, both in terms of actual design and the kinds of content they should ideally include.


Adding a Call to Action in Drupal 7 is pretty easy using the associated webform module. You will also need the following module's installed: (Enable the Mime Mail Action module included when you install it.)


1. Create a new rule and set it to fire After a webform has been submitted.


2. Add a new condition Webform has name. Change the form id to data selection which should default to form_id. Then select the webform(s) you want to send the confirmation email to.


3. Add a Send HTML e-mail action. You then can ue the replacement patterns to send it ot the users submitted email address. [data:FIELD-value] where FIELD is the webform component's Field Key which you can obtain by editing the component.


4. Fill in all the other options and at the bottom you can include the path to one or more files to be included as attachments. An example would be 'sites/images/test.pdf'.


5. So now your rule should be pretty much like this:


6. Ok, let's test it out. Hover over the Try ou the call for action form text and see what happens when you submit your name and email. It will send you an email with an attached test.pdf document.